Benefits of Keratin Supplements for Your Hair and Skin

2 Tips to Follow If You've Hired a Personal Stylist for the First Time

Here are two tips to follow if you've hired a personal stylist for the first time:

Approach this experience with an open mind

To get the best out of using this service, you must approach it with an open mind. It's essential to be willing to at least try all of the clothing the personal stylist picks out for you, even if some of it is outside of your comfort zone or is not in a colour that you think would suit your skin or hair.

The reason for this is that personal stylists not only understand fashion trends and how to make them work for every client (regardless of each client's shape or colouring) but are also skilled at assessing a person's colouring, size and body shape in an objective way that the person themselves might be unable to, due to their preconceived notions about what does or does not suit them.

As such, whilst for instance, you may have always avoided wearing the colour pink because an insensitive relative once told you your red hair would clash with this hue, this might not be true at all and you might discover that, when you agree to try on the selection of pink garments the personal stylist gives you, you look and feel fabulous in many of them. By being open-minded and trying on items or colours you've never worn before, you're more likely to come away from this experience with a broader range of clothes to choose from and a better understanding of which type of garment and accessory colours look best on you.

Be honest about how you feel when wearing certain clothes

You should also be as honest as possible with the personal stylist about how you feel when wearing certain clothes. If for example, you like the look of a garment on the hanger but feel a bit uncomfortable when wearing it, and you tell the personal stylist this, they can make some tweaks to the outfit so that you feel better in it. 

For instance, if you like a particular miniskirt but still feel like your legs look larger, and your skin much paler in it than you'd like, the personal stylist might give you a pair of shapewear tights in a tan colour to wear with it. This can give your legs a slimmer, more tanned appearance, and might put you in some nude-coloured shoes that will also give your legs a longer, slimmer look. As such, by having this conversation, you could end up with a skirt that you feel wonderful in, that you might not have otherwise purchased.